Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Work It Wednesday

I am excited about this video. My hubby and I made it, and it is a KILLER workout (unless you are a track athlete, and then it will probably not kill you as much as it did me :)). The best part is you don't need any equipment. I did it at a local track but you could really do it anywhere. Good luck!!
Do 3 Sets of the Workout... More if you want. If this isn't challenging you enough, add weights to the squats and lunges, and instead of a 50 meter sprint do a 25, 50, and then 100.
Stretching is really important, and dynamic stretching is a great way to loosen your muscles before you workout. Static stretching, the traditional hold a stretch for 30 seconds, is great for after a workout, but does not prepare your body fully before a workout.
The song is by Lecrae, a Christian Rap Artist. It is called "Battle Song", and is my favorite song to sweat to.

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