Friday, June 29, 2012

New Series: Are you Lukewarm?

This is a new deco series that has been weighing on my heart. Pray for conviction and that your eyes will be open. Stay tuned for what the bible says about lukewarm christians, and resources to set your heart on fire!

What is a lukewarm Christian?
A lukewarm Christian has everything going for them on the outside: they probably swear less than others, they go to church, they might give a little money here and there, they express their love for Jesus in all the right circles but don’t talk about it in front of other people because it may make other people uncomfortable and that just isn’t very Christ like, now is it? They don’t drink as much as other people, they are convicted of sleeping with their boyfriends but you know, they will get married someday, or maybe they are really good and don’t “go all the way” and only sleep over sometimes, they compare their faith to others and it looks really good, they know a couple verses out of the bible, and we could go on and on and on.

The truth is: EVERYONE could be convicted of this at one point or another. They scariest part is we get so religious and stuck in our ways and justified that we forget the conviction part. Cause we are good people, right?

I am convicted of this constantly, but I think a lot of times in today’s “Christian” circles, we are missing the point. My husband and I have been sitting in bible studies and heard all kinds of excuses other people make for not getting “too deep” or “too extreme” in their love for Jesus, most of which I have thought myself. I think the most eye opening experience for my husband and I was when a person told us that they didn’t need to know doctrine or in depth things about the bible, because they had a relationship with Jesus and He forgives their sins and that is all they need. This scared us, especially because we have thought that at times. I believe that conversation represents a lot of Christians today, and the American view of christianity today. 
Stay tuned for new postings to encourage you to walk closer with Jesus. Ask Him to convict you, and allow you to grow closer to Him and unburden you. See this post to learn new ways to let go of your burdens.

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