Friday, July 13, 2012

Lukewarm Part 3: Ignite!

Sometimes we just won’t feel on fire, and that is ok. It is more about how we walk out our relationship with Christ. If we are constantly seeking Him, even when He feels far away, we will constantly be growing and changing. Here are some tips for changing temperature in your life:
-Pray Constantly
-Ask the Lord to convict you
-Focus on yourself: don’t compare to others
-Read the bible
-Know what you believe, and talk to others about it
-Learn about the bible: it is important.
-Memorize Scripture
-Learn Christian doctrine
Some resources that May help you:
Books: Crazy Love (Francis Chan), Vintage Jesus (Mark Driscoll), Holy Discontent (Bill Hybels), The Explicit Gospel (Matt Chandler), Desiring God (John Piper), Religion Saves (Mark Driscoll)

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