Friday, August 3, 2012

Could God Ever Use Me?

Sometimes I catch myself wondering if and why God would ever use me. There are plenty of reasons to validate this thought, but one huge problem to counteract it all: That is putting God in a box.  God is so much greater than any good or bad thing I could ever do.
If you ever catch these thoughts creeping up on you, take heart. Here are just a couple of the people that God used in HUGE ways (read the scriptures that I include to see how God used them and their “shortcomings”):

-Noah (drunkard ) Whole Story: Genesis 5-10. “Shortcomings”: Genesis 9:18-28

-Moses (murderer and bad public speaker) Whole Story: Whole Book of Exodus. “Shortcomings”: Exodus 2:11-22, 4:10-16

-David (murderer, adulterer) Whole Story: 1 Samuel 16-31, 2 Samuel. “Shortcomings”: 2 Samuel 11

-Peter (swore a lot, denied Jesus): Whole Story: Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John), Acts, 1 Peter and 2 Peter. “Shortcomings”: John 18 (and other gospels)

-Paul (made life goal to persecute and kill as many Christians as possible before he met Jesus): Whole Story: Conversion: Acts 9 (but Paul wrote the majority of the NT, so you can see his whole transformation in Christ and what that looked like in his life). “Shortcomings”:  Acts 7-9

Jesus, thank you that you went through everything and more that we have to on this earth, and you did it without sinning. Thank you that you provide an example for us to strive for, yet there is no condemnation for those who follow you. I love you word, and am so thankful that you provided everything we need to know in it. When I feel like there is no way that you can use me, remind me of the great things you did and are continuing to do in your followers. Thank you that you have big plans for me. I want my life to always reflect you.

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