Monday, September 24, 2012


Today I started my last year of Dental Hygiene School. It has been a long road with lots of obstacles and hardships. Basically, I can't wait to be done! However, with the time and effort I need to put into school to keep my head above water it has me thinking about my priorities. God has really convicted me and challenged me to keep these in check, and I notice when they are off; even just a little.
The order of my priorities may surprise some people (they are mixed up according to society today, I think), but here they are:

1. Christian: I give my first and best to God.
2. Wife: I love to serve my husband in any way I can, and am also aware of how much I depend on him for guidance, leadership, and the selfless love he gives me every day.
3. Worker/Student: I am blessed to have a hard working hubby that supports our family, so I do not have to work outside of school (my schedule gets pretty crazy).
4. Church Member/Servant: My husband and I love our church, and the christian church as a whole. We both intentionally serve with our time, money, gifts, and home to bible studies, volunteer work, and other opportunities God has for us.
5. Family Member (Extended Family): We love and support all of our family. Both of us are blessed to have loving and supportive extended families that we absolutely enjoy seeing often.

Every other priority I have comes after these. I am not saying this is how everyone's priority list should be, and I am not saying I have anything down to a T. God is consistently changing me and growing me in him. I just have felt challenged to really live according to my priorities, and change them as God wants me to. The first two are always the same, and in that order.
What are your priorities right now (according to how you live every day)?
What would God have you do with your time, money, and energy this year?

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