Saturday, May 26, 2012

Easy Appetizer

This one is for you Emily! This is a super easy appetizer that I make a lot. Unfortunately, I don't follow a recipe but because it is so easy to make and hard to mess up I thought i'd post it. Here are my instructions:
-Cut up green onions and melt in a bowl with butter (I used a quarter of a stick... I know, I didn't say they were super healthy :) )
-Slice tomatoes and put little chinks of butter on them... bake on 350 until butter is melted and tomatoes are a little bit soft (but not wrinkled or squishy)
-Mix bread crumbs, onion/butter, and garlic powder (feel free to have fun with the seasoning) until it is all stuck together. Then mix parmesan or mozzarella in.
-Place on tomatoes and sprinkle more cheese on top.
-Broil at 500 for a couple minutes, until they smell too good to stand and the cheese is melted. 
-Put on a pretty plate and voila!

OK, confession time: my husband and I were craving this so we are currently eating it for dinner. He is even putting up with watching Pretty Woman with me. I love being a newlywed :) Happy weekend!

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