Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Work it Wednesday

I always do better working out when I am comfortable, and ok, feel cute at the gym. Here’s some workout gear I have been checking out (as you can tell, I’m mostly a nike girl):
1. “Legendary Duffle” Lululemon,
2. Nike Fanatic Hoodie:
3. Nike Free Run 3:
4. “On the fly” Nalgene:
5. Nike Glissade Capris:
6. Zella Double the Fun Headband:
Usually I use more weights with a little bit of cardio every once in a while, but lately I have been warming up to a crossfit WOD. Needless to say, it kicks my butt every time! Here is one I like:
You do 1 set of each group: five minutes total (do each exercise. i.e. burpee or wall ball for 1 minute and switch with no break). Take a two minute break in between.

Group 1:
Burpee, Box jump, Wall Ball, Burpee, Wall Ball (do in this order)

Group 2:
Box Jump, ball slam, burpee, wall ball, ball slam

Group 3:
Wall ball, burpee, ball slam, box jump, burpee

p.s.: if you are not drenched in sweat after this you are probably hulk J! If you are unsure of any of the exercises you can look them up on google.

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