Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Work It Wednesday: New Series!!!!

Alright, I am officially tired of not being able to be active anymore. It is driving me nuts!! So, what better way to get up and move than to start a new workout series. First things first: Dynamic stretching. I do this at the gym; it is easy to fit in before your workout and helps a lot. There is a lot of research behind dynamic stretching, and if you are interested in fitness it is something great to look into. I can't do this right now (still in the non-weight bearing stage for my foot), so i'll let the professionals do the work. This is a video from U-District PT. They have an incredible clinic (actually, several locations), where they have physical therapists, strength and conditioning coaches, trainers, and much more. Even better, they provide pictures and video of their exercises for FREE online. I use them a lot! Check them out at
Anyways: main point: you should start every workout with this. It will help a lot. Make sure to keep checking in: there will be at home (on the cheap) workout videos for upper and lower body, abs, and nutrition. Get back on track for your fall skinny jeans!
I did a version of this before my "killer legs track workout", Seen Here.

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