Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pinterest Recipes: I tried them for you!

Now that I can walk and everything is about a million times easier, I have been trying new recipes I pinned during my post surgery pinterest overload. I am brutally honest with how well these worked for us; but remember I am about a 1/2 star cook :)
First up: Garlic Honey Chicken brought to you by Day Dream Kitchen. Tasted pretty good, but not the healthiest. I cooked it in my favorite small kitchen aid pan and the sauce ran off and burned to the bottom of my pan. I soaked it for 2 days in all kinds of concoctions and finally had to toss it :(. Now that I think of it i probably could have found a solution to that on pinterest.

Green Bean casserole from All Recipes. Was a healthier (kind of) option because I used greek yogurt instead of the sour cream the recipe called for. Consensus: stick with the classic soup recipe. It was not that great and ended up not being that healthy because I just ate all of the French's onions off of the top (didn't want to waste them!!!)

Pad Thai from Brownies For Dinner. Making it into the rotation fo sho!!!! This will save us tons, just have to figure out how to make the rest of the take out for 12 that my husband and I order and eat by ourselves (to be fair we have lots of leftovers).

Let me just get this out there: I HATE MEATLOAF, but I LOVE my husband. My husband loves meatloaf. So.... mini meatloaf cups from Ring Around the Rosies. I just remembered that there is no recipe for this just a pic. So I made it up: Ground Beef (I used venison), chopped peppers and onion, carrot shavings, seasoning, and garlic. I baked them and then used ketchup or BBQ sauce on the top. My husband loved them. This will have to stay in the rotation because its so easy and I can't always have my way now can i? This would be especially great for those of you with kiddos!

Happy Cooking!

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