Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday's Take on Trends: "Green Cleaning"

Hi all! Hope you had a great labor day weekend. We got to spend time at the lake with close friends, and had a blast! I had a doctors appointment and am now able to walk, so of course that was the icing on the cake for my weekend. 
I have been on interest waaaaaayyyy too much these past 6 weeks, and keep seeing "pins" about cleaning in a "green" way (still not 100% sure exactly what green even means these days). I hadn't given it much thought until cleaning the bath tub a couple of days ago. We have been trying all different cleaners because each one completely fills our little apartment with fumes, and Colin and I both end up with headaches and sore throats. So, I thought I'd do more research.
It seems like vinegar is the magical multi-purpose cleaner I have been missing out on. Colin and I went to the store and got a huge thing of white vinegar for about $1.50. We are going to try it out! I will link articles from some blogs that I have been getting green cleaning ideas from. These ladies have lots and lots of good ideas, not just involving vinegar.
Broccoli Cupcake Blog (green cleaning ideas and great pictures)
Sewing Room Screaming Blog (Home-made laundry detergent and fabric softener; this one is more for saving $$)
Holistic Homemaking Blog (general green cleaning tips)

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