Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Work it Wednesday

Hi all... I thought "Work it Wednesdays" would be an awesome opportunity to not only get your sweat on but work your brain and heart a little bit too. So, going along with the new goals that we have to start off fall with healthy habits (I know, fall is already pretty much here but I have not come to terms with that yet), I posted a video that is a very easy resistance band at-home workout. I could not believe how hard it was and how terrible my form is after over a month of doing pretty much nothing! It also was a pain to work around my big boot/cast and painful foot, but I did it! This is great for people getting back into the swing of things or for an off day for people who work out a lot. Enjoy, and be kind....
And now a workout for the rest of you. Today will work your mind and spirit. This is a sermon series that Mars Hill Church in Seattle (Pastor Mark Driscoll) did based on Christian Doctrine and  Driscoll's book "Doctrine". Colin and I really enjoyed this series and learned a LOT from it, and grew in our walk with Christ also. I know several people who have really learned a ton from this. At you can get audio, order the book (which we really like), and get a PDF of the sermon notes.
I'm not smart enough to figure out how to post the audio of it so Here is the Link to the first of the series. Get your thinking cap on!

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